Images moving in cycles of color, with animals, fish, paper airplanes, tree, flower, cave, turtle and birds.

Shapeshifting through Time, 30" x 44 1/2" 

framed to 38" x 50" Soft Pastel

A swirl of bubbles, molecules, islands, birds, ocean, and skeleton in green, purple and blues.

Breathe, 38 1/2" x 30" Soft Pastel

Rich color and transparencies show abstracted light and or eye, a wrap around house with green-leaf hands, transparent target circles over the full composition of water, earth and symbolism of our environment and our part in nature.

Home, 39 1/2" x 27 5/8" framed to 50" x 40 3/4" Soft Pastel

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Shaped layered paper symbolically shows a Window or theatrical stage into an inner and outer world with spatial illusions and allusions. Nature, the universe, elephants, frogs, eggs, leaves, stars and space inspire wonder.

The Window, 39 3/4" x 33" x 1" framed to 46 1/4" x 37 5/8" Soft Pastel on cut, shaped, layered paper, Acrylic on Mylar and one found object

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Red Blue Yellow are primary colors. Dove of peace and flowers. An opening of sky. Lines of movement.

Primary Flow, 36" x 24" Soft Pastel

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Layered imagery of nature, inner and outer space, frogs, birds, fish and a transparent profile head and spine are just some of the integrated forms rich in color created with skillful handling of pastels that combine to make "Inextricably Bound"

Inextricably Bound, 37 5/8" x 23 1/8" framed to 46 1/2" x 32" Soft Pastel

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Under abstracted canopies in colorful soft pastel presents whirling worlds, at once flowers, trees, hearts, lady bugs implying movement from the micro to the macro and the precious tent that is our canopy, the earth and universe.

Under Canopies, 43 1/2 x 29 5/8" framed to 49 1/4" x 35" Soft Pastel

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More than one Golden Circle in art about place, our earth, the sun, the integration of the puzzle that is our universe. Bubbling up gasses where rectangles of nature float across while fish/sun, planet, moon and dragonflies inhabit the core.

Golden Circle, 30" x 44 1/2" framed to 38" x 50" Soft Pastel      

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An island of green grass where a plant reaches for the light surrounded by sky, water wrapped by a bird universe of rich blue.

Photosynthesis II, 44 1/4" x 30" framed to 54" x 39 1/2" Soft Pastel

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