Immense Journeys: Art, Nature, Science and Beyond

Featuring the works of Anne Hughes, Melissa Jay Craig, and Lisa A. Frank, this catalogue was produced in conjunction with the exhibition at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA) in Chicago, January 13 - March 3,  2024. The soft-covered book of 63 pages, includes 50 full-color images.  

The catalogue may be purchased directly from the UIMA's printer through this link

Cover art is by Melissa Jay Craig

Images of page examples: Anne Hughes, Melissa Jay Craig, Lisa A. Frank


Anne Hughes: Imagination Takes You Everywhere

This fine art, 12" x 12" hardcover book, features the art of Anne Hughes. Included are more than 44 full-color images and 85 pages. Published by ZIA Gallery, the book includes an introduction by Wolfgang Krol, Associate Professor, Studio Arts, (retired), Concordia University, Montréal, Québec. 

Excerpt: "The work of Anne Hughes is, in all respects, timeless. It is the story of life, the existence of the internal and external universe, nature, perception, relationships, time, simultaneity, space, physicality, mystery, joy, etc., and how all these elements, and more work flawlessly together." Wolfgang Krol



To Purchase the Book- Anne Hughes: Imagination Takes You Everywhere

Either go to Amazon here or contact Anne Hughes and purchase directly. She can autograph and send you the book. Shipping TBD.


Artists and Collectors Speak about Anne Hughes' Art

Anne Hughes is a master composer. Her works are symphonies, bold yet infinitely nuanced, elegant, succulent with delicious color, and resonating with the myriad intimate rhythms of life itself. - Melissa Jay Craig, Artist, IL

Anne Hughes’ richly chromatic artworks combine science and nature into exciting, dreamlike environments, both imaginary and real. - Jonathan Ricci, Artist, NJ

The art of Anne Hughes is intuitive in both form and color, with imagery that is at once recognizable, while at the same time seeming to emerge solely from her imagination. She creates a world on paper in which the viewer is compelled to explore. - Kreg Yingst, Artist, FL

Anne’s work beautifully co-mingles abstract and figurative worlds.  Formal design elements can seamlessly morph into colorful images that evoke a magical sense of place. It’s a pleasure to see her imagery create a colorful life, cradled among the formally dynamic aspects of her art making. - Mary Burke, Artist, MI

I watched this piece (Canopy, pages40/41) at the gallery as it followed me across the room, changing again and again. That golden river of light splashed down the hillside, displacing / releasing? - just a few of the creatures that dwell inside your creative mind. Is that the hand of G-d that I see? - Jan McReynolds, Collector and Admirer, IL

Looking at Anne Hughes’s art is a wondrous journey into the unknown that expands the mind. Each painting sparks curiosity as the viewer discovers multiple pathways that unfold and flourish into thoughtful, playful worlds. It’s like discovering a new gem that glints and draws you into a world of wonder. The imagery is beautiful, rich and profound. - Beverly Zawitkoski, Artist, QC


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