Image of a section of the installed exhibition from outside ZIA Gallery window. New Beginnings: Works by Anne Hughes, June, 2021.

Back wall left is Under Canopies. Art on right under gallery sign is The Window.

An installation image from New Beginnings, an exhibition of works by Anne Hughes at ZIA Gallery. The artwork

Under Canopies (left) and soft pastel Boca Raton (right).

Center of the Universe before doorway to continuation of exhibition into other room of  "New Beginnings" works by Anne Hughes

Illumination (left) and Canopy (right) by Anne Hughes

Plumb Line leads the string of art works by Anne Hughes

Anne Hughes' soft pastel artwork Circus is followed by MicroMacro and Crystal Gazing in her exhibition at ZIA Gallery of New Beginnings.

If We Learn to Look (left) is one of Anne Hughes' artworks which she mentally connects to the writings of anthropologist and lyrical essayist Loren Eiseley. 

Continental Drift (left), Pastel on paper, acrylic, wood, glass tubes, oil on masonite, stained glass, marbles, 81” x 72” x 7 1/4,” ZIA Gallery, Group Exhibition 2018.

Solo Exhibition 2015 ZIA Gallery

L’Opéra, Oil on panel and wood, 49” x 42” x 4” detail from 2015 ZIA Exhibition.

Arcimboldo Contemplates Produce of the American Midwest, Oil on Panel & wood, acrylic on welding rod and found object (glass), 

54 ½ x 43 5/8 x 5 ½.

Arcimboldo Contemplates Produce of the American Midwest, View 2.

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